Syrian girls, on sale for $ 9,000 in the Saudi capital

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(MBC TIMES)A terrible announcement of sale of girls from Syria published in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, has raised a wave of strong reviews and has attracted the attention of human rights activists on the issue of abuse of Syrian women reported RT Actualidad.

According to Press TV. (The information was first reported by the Iran’s Arabic channel Al Alam), some activists in social networks already rated the advertising as a form of trading that takes advantage of the crisis in Syria and the basic needs of refugees in the Arabic country.

According to the announcement, the price of each girl is 10,000 Saudi rials (nearly $ 9,000).

With the increase of violence in Syria, many Syrians have been forced to flee to neighboring countries in search of safety and security. Nearly a third of the Syrian population, seven million people have been displaced by the conflict in the country, according to data available to the UN. Of these, five million are still living in Syria, while about two million have fled to neighboring countries, mainly Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iran and Egypt.

At the beginning of the year the chain Al Alam reported cases of rape and sexual abuse by Saudi men in the Syrian refugee camp in Jordan Zaatari.

On 27 November, the international organization of Human Rights Watch expressed concern for the safety of women refugees fleeing the civil war in Syria. The organization said that abuses had occurred also in Lebanon.

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