Gaza under attack. Still alive until now

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(Taghreed Atallah) – Two Israel wars have passed without kill me ,and, on land, now the Third Israel’s incursion in Gaza is coming. The surprise is that I`m still alive until now, despite all killings which have started heavily 3 days ago. From this time, 100 were dead ,670 injuried,and 156 homes were destroyed. These numbers increased every time, according the ministry of health in Gaza. Now I`m at home, busy in write this text. Okay I`m afraid , my heart can`t stand hearing more bombs, or any news telling that people was killed now, but any way I should be lucky to breath until now! It was shame for me to be still alive, when my people is killed, is suffering, crying at every picture, video in website, channels and social media or any other sources.

I want to share this suffering with them, but in this time just I can I write from my home, feeling sad for their pictures, watching their videos, like one out the place, just sit comfortably at my room, waiting untill the attack finish, and then, inch’allah to start a real document about what happened on my land exactly!

I feel me sellfish to talk about my comfortably life when a hundred of miserable stories has happened, when they need for help, but at least I would document their suffering. I can`t imagine how continuous wars make Gaza like an open market for blogging and document humanitarian stories, however is important to communicate the truth of a crime against any human being in the world. Menwhile images of the conflict come in my mind without stop, in a few time should be busy in telling to the world what has happened without any doubt, as my job ask for me .. but the humanitarian situation in Gaza is different from any other place.. and then I stop to think and take a look to my mother(60yr), who is sat close to the TV follow the news, listening with attention thenews, directly recommending to the miserable pictures in the screen, praying: – ” hope my god bless their soul, and listen the pain of their parents”, and repeating, with low voice, ashort text of Quran. After that, ask me to open the windows, because do it reduce the impact of explosions, as she hear in radio, as she advice me.

Let me say : in hard times, I believe in every word my mother spell more than any time, Don’t know why, see her like an angel, and talk with her very much. Maybe like it because she trust in god very much, even we are close to risk and full of nervous tension, or maybe because she is the first one that know through news that the second war in 2008 was finished, so I think she will transfer as great news in this war, if it would be finished as soon as all of us want ! By the way my colleague Wesam Yasseen reply on post I write in my Fb account:” we need truce”, she comments: “just can you ask that when there is country promise in payment of salaries and opening of the crossing”.

She is trying to explain that stop killing is the begining of to find solution to our problems. I’m not exactly with her opinion, but any way we need truce now.. NOW! All that bring me to ask God if this situation will maintain more years, how people should killed by this way? Of course God hear all our question, and will answer it one day, don’t know when will be this day, but for sure will be as all Palestinian hope since a long time.


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