Its normal to die in Gaza ?

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(Taghrid Atallah) – I Normal to die in gaza? This question is opened for discussion to all the world? Really I`m near to believe that Gaza is just created for live in risk and war, especially create by Israel army to prove how great and strong they are, and the war happens like festival to celebrate their success step by step! then should be normal, especially after 700 was killed untill now, according the Palestinian Health Authority.

My sister’s little daughter (Miriam) (6 yrs old) tell me, while she are combing her hair slowly : “This war like last one, its normal”, and continue singing nonsense words towards the mirror, looking for her face and tell me:” In TV I saw many children crying in streets, don’t know why…etc”. In that moment looking deeply to her face, I imagine her if her legs was cut, her arm was burn, her head flying away. I imagine bad things happening to “Roma” as her mother prefer to call her. At that moment I rubbed my eyes well to see Roma dancing in frongt of the the mirror, It seems that all things go alright, so should be fine and relax, and thank to God for this grace! We talk about imaginated stories now, not real stories thar are happening in Gaza last days.

When Jana (12 yrs old) put her new clothes which her mother bought her for celebrate Eid in a pink bag, without forget put her best gift inside her “poet books”. “Jana” – this name means “good product”, is all time near her bag, because she is standby for any time maybe Israel army call us to leave her house before destroy it, she believe that if she will be the first one who would escape of all live in her family. She think deeply where we would go at that moment, we would run directly to her “sweet grandmother” home without any doubt, and at that moment would wear her new clothes and be happy!

The question now: It`s normal think like this in any children at the world? To see the war normal, or to be ready for leaving home, to prepare bag for leaving at any moment ? Is normal to live in Gaza in general for people in this situation? I live in Gaza and suffer under attack, and untill now I don’t know what is the sense of “normal” live, thinking, dealing with the awfulevents, I really don’t know, specially for children who live in Gaza !

What is the meaning of the word “normal” in a dictionary?

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