A Young Girl’s Account of Sex Abuse by Syrian Rebels

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This is the story of Rawan Milad Al-Dah, a young Syrian girl explaining how she was repeatedly raped and abused by members of Syrian rebel factions.

“A problem remains to be exposed. All human rights activists following this story voice their concerns about the case of these women and their offspring. Concerns are being expressed that the situation will soon become an explosive matter, making it necessary to treat these pending files with urgency.

“An overwhelming majority of these sexual Jihadist women are shunned by their families for the scandal they brought on them…

“Such terrible cases should not be swept under the carpet. Unless authorities act on them with great scrutiny, they will only worsen. Serious measures should be taken to assist victims, and recruiters should be identified and arrested, to allow the judiciary to carry out its duty.”

(To read the full article, visit: http://www.globalresearch.ca/tunisia-…)

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